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"The zydeco song I found this morning surprised me a bit. It was not the typical Buckwheat Zydeco or Beau Jocque, or Alligator Stomp sound with the bluesy distinct voice. No, this was a zydeco with a country spunk. What comes to mind might be a style like that of The Texas Tornadoes, however The BluesBox Bayou Band is very different. Don't get me wrong The Texas Tornadoes have a great style but it lends itself to more Tejano with zydeco sprinkles. We start the song Down the Zydeco Road out on an almost ska beat. True Zydeco as a whole does have that very energetic vibe and the BluesBox Bayou Band does not disappoint. The singer stretches into the country zone but the accordion is a nice addition to pull the song back to Zydeco. It is with this mingling of the two genres that impresses me most. Going into the search, it really pleased me to find such a diverse song. I have to admit I was looking for a typical style. All I can say is WOW!"
Music Maven - A New Indie Song Everyday

"Not Your Mama's Accordion Band! There's a term used in parenting literature to refer to children who may be a bit too rowdy for their own good. They're sweet, decent, loving kids, but they are what we call "spirited". Really, it's a measure of a kid who has lots of youthful, fun , vibrant energy. And spirited is a word I keep thinking of as I listen to the Blues Box Bayou Band, a Cajun-Zydeco group from California's Central Valley. They appear to get a fair amount of play in Northern California at a variety of events where good food, drink, and music can be found. If you enjoy a mature sound in your music, enjoy traditional Cajun music, and are known to cut a rug once in a while, this stuff is for you. There's a feel to it that can be described as rhythmic and bouncy, with depth and quality in the arrangement of the music, a complexity to the instrumentation that keeps the ear busy and having fun. Their solid sound works adapting covers, traditional and originals."
Rob Campbell - Keeping up with Jones

"Let me say one thing, and that is, roots music is alive and well in this country we call America. In a world where commercial music success is a dream for many, people still dedicate their lives to the making GOOD music and they do it for one reason; LOVE. "
Jaime Tafoya - Ceres Marketing LLC

" The Blues Box Bayou Band has been around now for several years, operating out of Sonora, CA. They have developed a faithful following in many communities in the Sacramento valley and the festival circuit. For my sake this band goes into the zydeco category, but the band goes well beyond that."
Dale Johnson - KVMR-FM Bayou Country

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